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Current status of metal injection molded products industry in India

Writer: Admin Source: MDM Date:2022-06-10
About 95% of the parts produced in India are exported. The main components of India's domestic market are defense, automobile, textile and medical devices. Indo-mim pvt. Ltd., the world's largest producer of metal- injection molded parts, has factories in India and the U.S. and accounts for about 98% of the Indian market for metal-injection molded parts. Indo-mim pvt. Ltd. 's in-house tooling workshop can produce more than 60 moulds a month, each producing 1-32 parts per injection, and has seen average annual growth rates of 30% over the past five years. In fiscal year 2019 Indian private metal injection molding co., Ltd. (Indo - MIM Pvt Ltd) delivery of about 400 million pieces of metal injection molding parts, of which about 92% of exports to the United States,

Europe and the far east, 67% of sales come from cars and gun parts and lock parts, consumer goods is the company's other main source of revenue, the share of medical devices is not much, but the pace of growth is the fastest. Other Indian manufacturers of metal injection molded products include Bangalore metal injection molded products, JJ orthodontics and MeetuRaj industries.
In order to meet the production needs of the company, indo-mim started to produce metal powder for the metal injection molding process in 2017, using the following technologies: vacuum induction melting and inert gas atomization. Midhani corporation, an Indian state-owned manufacturer of superalloys, plans to use aerosolization to produce titanium and nickel superalloys for metal injection molding by 2020.

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