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Three factors that affect the fluidity of MIM stainless steel feedstock

Writer: Admin Source: MDM Date:2022-06-10
Metal injection molding (MIM) is the metal powder and organic binder through mixing, granulation particles into mixture, and manufacturing products into specific characters by means of injection molding method, particularly suitable for small, complex precision metal parts manufacturing, also got quite the precision parts manufacturers the recognition and use of, occupies an important position in the field of metal forming today.

This process requires the preparation of injection material, also known as MIM feed, and has strict requirements on the rheology of feed. At present, the two most commonly used injection feedings in MIM are iron-based feedings (such as Fe2Ni, Fe8Ni) and stainless steel feedings (such as SUS316L, SUS630, 17-4, SUS304, etc.). With the increasing demand for stainless steel products in recent years, the research on stainless steel feedings is also rapidly heating up.

Feeding is the first step of the process, so feeding characteristics directly affect the parameters of all subsequent processes and the quality characteristics of finished products. M Today xiaowian has been the most commonly used stainless steel for example, and we look at the production process parameters affect the flow of stainless steel feed three factors. First, the powder load. Powder loading is a ratio of powder volume to total feed volume. The larger the powder load, the larger the proportion of the powder in the feed, the higher the viscosity of the feed, the worse the rheology; When the powder loading quantity changes, the proportion of binder increases accordingly, and the feed viscosity decreases and the fluidity improves. But also is not binder more is better. Also consider the amount of binder on the impact of other subsequent processes.

Second, shear rate. In the process of injection molding, the stainless steel feedstock flows under a high shear rate, so the feedstock is heated by a high shear force, and the viscosity decreases after heating, so it has a strong fluidity. On the contrary, when the feeding material flows at a low shear rate, it will be heated slowly by a low shear force, and the viscosity will not decrease significantly, so the fluidity is correspondingly poor.

Third, temperature. Here mainly refers to the injection temperature during injection molding and the temperature after entering the mold cavity. The influence of temperature on stainless steel feeding is a thermal activation process, the temperature through the influence on the feed viscosity and affect its fluidity, when the temperature rises, the feed viscosity will become smaller, the corresponding fluidity becomes stronger, when the temperature decreases, the feed viscosity becomes larger, the fluidity will also be poor.

Above is the impact of stainless steel feed fluidity of the three main factors. In general, the influence of various factors on the stainless steel feed will follow the above rules, but there are many factors that can influence the liquidity of stainless steel, and in different production conditions of change are also different, so all the stainless steel products manufacturers in the choose and buy, use stainless steel feeding should be comprehensive consideration, according to the actual situation will work environment to an optimal state.


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