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Development trend of shearing type mixer to kneading type mixer

Writer: Admin Source: MDM Date:2022-08-09
Mixing machine has become the preferred mixing equipment of many rubber and plastic enterprises because of its advantages of large mixing capacity, small environmental pollution and so on. With the continuous development of
production and application of mixing machine, mixing mode is showing a development from shearing type to
kneading type, and kneading mixer is gradually being accepted by the industry. Kneading mixer plays an important
role in the feed production of powder injection molding industry.

Ordinary mixer machine mainly by the rotor, short edge peak four edges and mixing interior wall shear force of
relative to shear of material, material evenly done between length edge peak and then achieve the purpose of
mixing, the filling coefficient of the device is bigger, though short mixing time, production is high, but the material
of shear force is too large, warming faster, The spray cooling method of rotor is less efficient and can not achieve
the purpose of cooling quickly.

And kneading mixer to relative peak due to the length of the rotor is rotating, the material can be packed into the
rotor's edge peak between mixing and kneading filling coefficient is small, the material rising slowly, and the rotor
internal USES is mandatory cooling water cooling, cooling rapidly, whether for rubber or warming faster metal
powder is a good thing, Therefore kneading mixer is also used by MIM industry feed suppliers for metal feed

Another improvement of kneading mixer is that the surface in direct contact with the material is welded hard alloy.
Besides surfacing hard alloy, chrome plating is also used for the special metal design to increase its wear
resistance and corrosion resistance. In addition, the kneading mixer generally adopts hydraulic upper plug, which
can exert constant pressure on the mixing material and improve the mixing effect. The advantages of the upper
plug device also include convenient loading and unloading, which can save the time of cleaning the mixing

Kneading mixer adopts hydraulic seal, a layer of sealing oil film will be formed on the sealing surface, not only the
sealing effect is good, but also the sealing structure is simple, and the disassembly and replacement of sealing ring
are more convenient. Although kneading mixer has the disadvantage of small effective mixing volume and small
mixing output, it can be made up by increasing the rotating speed because of its good material cooling
performance. Kneading mixer inherits a series of advantages of mixer from the beginning of its birth, and has
different degrees of improvement on this basis. In the future, kneading mixer will replace the traditional shear
mixer and become the leading mixer in the market.

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