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Heat shock activated sintering

Writer: Admin Source: MDM Date:2022-09-06
In 2003, xi 'an jiaotong university dong-lang chai group 6 Al-10 Mg in situ observation of the binary system of pure metal powder sintering process, common resistance heating forming fluctuation of sintering temperature field with thermal oscillation activation effect, can largely improve magnesium melting velocity of particles in aluminum matrix, fluctuations in temperature field of sintering process is much shorter than a constant temperature field. Due to the use of traditional resistance heating sintering process has a wide application, that to give full play to the existing sintering equipment work potential, enhance the working efficiency of the equipment has the guiding significance of directly, thus can improve the quality of the sintered body, improve the production efficiency of powder metallurgy, and new equipment to save energy and reduce investment and so on.
Powder metallurgy sintering technology can achieve high precision, mass production of complex shape parts, with high yield and less processing energy consumption. It is believed that in the near future, powder metallurgy sintering process will have a more rapid development, a variety of new sintering process will continue to appear, promote the progress of social science and technology.
In recent years, new technology and process of powder metallurgy have been developed continuously. Micrometal injection molding and microceramic injection molding technology are being studied in Germany. The smallest micrometal injection molding parts are only 50~tm in size, which is smaller than the parts made by traditional powder injection molding technology, which promotes the development of microsystem manufacturing technology. Multiphase jet consolidation is also a new free-forming technique, which can be used to manufacture biomedical parts. By using the multiphase jet consolidation method, according to the three-dimensional description of the prosthesis obtained by CT scan, the parts required for general surgery can be manufactured without the actual measurement of the operation. The metal powder or ceramic powder is mixed with the binder to form a uniform mixture, which is sprayed as required to form a part layer by layer. After the part is formed, the bonding phase in it is removed by chemical method or heat, and then sintered to the final density.
Another new P/M technology is the 3D printing method invented by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States. This method is based on the printing technology, through computer-aided design, the binder is precisely deposited on a layer of metal powder, so that the repeated printing layer by layer, until the final geometric shape is reached, which results in a blank piece. The blank can reach full density by sintering and melting in the furnace. With the continuous development of new materials, especially the rapid development of new material preparation technology, P/M products are more and more used in all walks of life, the application field continues to expand, P/M new technologies emerge in endlessly. There is a great gap in the quantity, quality and technology of powder metallurgy industry between China and advanced countries. Therefore, we should keep abreast of the emerging new technologies and develop our own.

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