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Powder metallurgy parts
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High accurate MIM (metal injection molding) parts have being widely used in the field of automotive, aerospace, firearms, medical, and consumer electronic and mechanical components industries.
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sintering lock parts

Product Presentation
sintering lock parts

The metal injection molding process might be a green technology due to the significant reduction in wastage compared to “traditional” manufacturing methods such as 5 axis CNC machining. Dimensional tolerances are generally ±0.3%. The core feature of MIM process is that the microstructure of the material is smaller and more evenly distributed, which can not only ensure the strength of the material, and also meet the requirements of precision and complex 3D structure.

Mdm Metal focuses on providing a cost-effective alternative to forging, stamping, casting, and machining processes. It combines the high volume process of powder metal compaction with superior physical properties achieved through high temperature, controlled atmosphere sintering. Full Density Powder Metallurgy combines the high volume processing of powder metal compaction with the physical properties of cast or wrought materials. Full Density provides the ultimate physical properties for conventionally compacted PM materials. High precision and high density one forming tolerance is small, high precision, density up to 90%, and can improve the precision and strength performance through shaping or repressing.
Material: Iron-base alloy;
Weight:  10.0g ;
Hardness: 35-40 HRC
Tolerance: +-0.05 mm;

Surface treatment: black oxide or according to request.
sintering lock parts components

Our Main powder metallurgy products

Oil bearing, gear, structural parts, double tooth, eccentric wheel, synchronous belt wheel, washing machine parts, coffee grinder, remote control car gear, small module gear, inner gear ring, all kinds of wave box gear, meat grinder blade gear, bevel gear,?Bevel gear, sprocket, toy precision gear, steering gear, textile machinery (high speed rope machine, jacquard machine) transmission gear and special-shaped structure parts, sintered filter, filter, muffler, etc.

Advantages of powder metallurgy process

1) No or very little cutting is required;
2) High material utilization rate, up to 95%;
3) The size consistency of parts is good and stable; Accuracy up to 0.01mm!
4) The material composition can be adjusted according to the performance requirements of customer parts;
5) The surface of parts can be processed according to customer requirements to improve strength and hardness;
6) Due to the use of mold forming, can produce other cutting processing can not produce complex shape or special shaped parts;
7) Because it is suitable for mass production, the production efficiency is high and the cost is lower than that of cutting.


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